Danny Vandijck


Victoria De Boeck

Training coördinator at Heidelbergcement

Danny has a fantastic personality combined with technical skills. He believes in other people’s dreams and can translate those very well into specific goals and actions. He achieves this through open communication between all levels and giving positive feedback, without losing his authenticity. Danny brings clarity in all the disorder by thinking a few more steps ahead. Thanks to that we come to sustainable and long term solutions that are supported throughout the whole organization, and that’s a very important aspect! I have learned a lot from Danny’s attitude. He brings those ingredients together that are important in a world where organizations needs to be more flexible and where we have to take care of employees. This combination is very hard for many organizations, but Danny can make this happen by his will power, people skills, efficiency, knowledge and his state of mind. Thanks Danny for all the support and being yourself!

Thibaut Nemery

Sales & Marketing

Meeting Danny was the best thing that happened to me on a professional level. I was lucky enough to be able to work very close with him while he was a consultant at HeidelbergCement. Aside from the humour that he subtlety implies in his work, his insights in people, software and work flows are unmatched by anyone I ever met. His guidance helped me improve my professional as well as my personal life! Whether through song or anecdote, he always knows how to make one smile and gives straightforward advice while maintaining professional correctness. One of the most important things he thought me was to keep going when faced with doubt. In short: Acting on his advice greatly improved my state of mind and as a consequence; my entire life from the moment we met!

Next to that I received  several success stories from my customers:

From SAP® Global a  Customer Success Profile for Optimizing  Warehouse Processes with SAP® Software.  This was achieved using SAP® Solution and Services, Task and resource management functionality found in the SAP® Extended Warehouse Management application.

From N.V. MAGAZIJNEN HENDRICKX & ZONEN for a full WMS implementation of Navision  with a full scope implementation . (WLAN, scanners, label printers, project management, customs applications.)

Danny Vandijck

Life Coach, Consultant, Project Manager, Trainer, Start-up Coach, Website Designer and developer, Musician, Sing- and songwriter


Danny Vandijck


Gozewijnstraat 14, 3300 Goetsenhoven (Belgium)




+32 (0)473   92 26 75

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