Danny Vandijck

06 It's Your Life

We always let the world decide

Where we move, how fast we drive

The place, the time, not decided by ourselves


Then we see where we are

Who we are and how fast we drive

And realize it’s not that what we want


Refrain (2x)

Take it, it’s your life

Just make it as beautiful you can

Don’t give it out of your hands


The others say you should go left

No you should go right

Stay on your place your car is out of gas


But suddenly you realize

It is your car, it is your life

It’s no one else, who should drive


Refrain (2x)


They make a mess in your life

But it’s not them to decide

The speed or direction of your life


And when you crash you’ll realize

There’s no one left to help you out

Your car will burn and they will stand aside


Refrain (2x)


You have to learn how to drive

How fast to move and when to hide

You have to trust yourself as your guide


Just take the road you want to take

Forgive yourself mistakes you make

Just turn back or take another way


Refrain (4x)


Don’t give it out of your hands (4th You’ll be the winner in the end)


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Story behind the song

Story behind the song

Danny Vandijck

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