Danny Vandijck

My Music Story

by Danny Vandijck

I have always been very passionate about music. As a child I was having a lot of big concerts in sold-out stadions.. yes indeed... in my dreams :-).

Dreaming and playing the first chords

At home we had a guitar but I could only hold it in my hands and dream I could play. It was at age 26 that I first learned to play the 3 basic chords: A, D, E. Unbelievable how many evergreens you can play with only 3 chords. Until my friend/teacher Jan, who taught me these 3, added a few songs with 5 chords while I played 3 of them and took a small break when he was playing the 2 new: C, G. The break was more than welcome since it gave me the time to prepare my next chords.

The passion caught me so that every time I learned new chords, Jan found other songs I liked with guess what... 2 new chords.

I could never play too long since my fingers suffered from the metal strings.

The more chords you learn, the number of songs you can potentially play are growing exponentially.

Caught by passion

Danny Vandijck

Life Coach, Consultant, Project Manager, Trainer, Start-up Coach, Website Designer and developer, Musician, Sing- and songwriter


Danny Vandijck


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